Where To Live in St. Catherine

Wed, Jun 3, 2009


Considering living in the parish of St. Catherine? Wondering where are the best places to live there? According to this Gleaner newspaper report, here are the best places to live in St. Catherine:

  1. Green Acres – located near the famed Dovecot Memorial Park within range of the major services (police, hospital and fire brigade) and with good, cool weather.
  2. Hellshire Heights – a breezy, quiet community with views of the sea and nearby attractions
  3. Caribbean Estates – gated community with numerous amenities
  4. St. Jago Heights – described as the “Jacks Hill” of St Catherine
  5. Newland Heights – working class community located just outside the bustling crossroads of Ewarton

St. Jago Hills, Morris Meadows and the Portmore Country Club are also mentioned in the footnotes.

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