Houses Made From Shipping Containers

Thu, Aug 6, 2009


Kingston Logistics Centre Limited (KLC) has partnered with Mod Space Limited to provide reasonably priced homes that are created by transforming regular 20-foot and 40-foot shipping containers into high-quality steel-framed accommodations.

These high-quality steel-framed structures can be modified to be conducive to an individual’s particular need, and can be used not only for homes, but also for dormitories, hurricane-relief shelters, classrooms, office space, portable medical clinics, police and military barracks … and more. Customization can be completed within six weeks and each comes with a three-year guarantee.

According to the makers of these container houses, the finished products are aesthetically pleasing and fitted with high-quality modern amenities including 110-volt American standard electricals. An additional feature of the structures is a dry-wall finish with added insulation using an EPS polystyrene panel frame. The insulated properties help reduce heat, which is ideal for Jamaica’s humid weather condition and is a big energy saver.

Finally, these container housing structures are rust resistant due to the tambutex finish, and also have the ability to be raised to up to two storeys and be extended even beyond 10 containers. Buyers have the option of joining the containers by welding them or using screws.

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