Two New Housing Developments Coming To St. Ann

Fri, Sep 11, 2009


Plans are reportedly well under way for the construction of two multimillion-dollar housing developments in St. Ann. One is to be located along the White River and the other on approximately 300 acres of idle land at Britton Ville near Claremont.

Both housing developments will be reportedly undertaken by St. Ann businessman Dani Gonzalez, who will be partnering with US-based Tri-Steel Corporation to construct more than 2,500 houses. The units are to be constructed entirely from steel, and will become the first of their kind to be built in Jamaica and the Caribbean.

It is said that these  new and modern houses will be stronger, safer, healthier and of better quality than any other form of construction that’s currently available here in Jamaica. They will be able to withstand fire and other natural disasters, as well as moulds and termite infestation.

Jamaica’s Bureau of Standards has already granted approval for this type of housing structure, and the developers are now reportedly awaiting approval from the St. Ann Parish Council before starting the project.

Additional information about the proposed new housing developments:

  • Homeowners can move into their new house within 15 days from the day that construction begins
  • All the building materials are ready-made, and the main construction requirements are for the components to be fastened together
  • The metal is light gauge, and will be no problem for female construction workers
  • Once Parish Council approval is granted, work will commence immediately, and the first phase of the Mammee Ridge Estate development will have 100 units being constructed first, and then batches of 100 thereafter until the Parish Council approved total amount allowed is reached
  • The units at Mammee Ridge Estate will be of very high standard and are to be sold for between $6.5m and $7m
  • The White River Project will be called White River Club and will be part of a high-end complex / community. They will each be constructed on 2,000-square-foot lots along the river coast, and will be 3 bedroom / 3 bathroom, and are to be sold for US$450,000 or the Jamaican equivalent
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