iMap Jamaica – Online Property Tool – Launched

Sun, Sep 26, 2010


The National Land Agency, in collaboration with Globe Insurance Company of Jamaica Ltd., recently launched a revolutionary new interactive map of Jamaica called iMap Jamaica. It is available to all Jamaicans, free of cost, via eLandJamaica, and allows users to spatially identify any parcel of land in Jamaica, and access related land information.

eLandJamaica is a web-based application (website address) that allows persons to obtain copies of land-related documents such as certificates of title, valuation roll reports, deposited plans and more. A valuation roll report provides information such as who owns a specific piece of land, possessor of the land, exact address, acreage, unimproved value, along with other vital information.

iMap Jamaica was done in keeping with the Jamaican Government’s vision of a public sector/private sector partnership in development. The partnership involves the National Land Agency (NLA) providing Globe Insurance with the pertinent land-related data for the insurance company’s internal monitoring purposes.

In exchange, Globe Insurance financed the design of the map application, and customized it to suit the needs of the NLA’s customers. Technical resources in the creation of iMap Jamaica were jointly supplied by the two entities.

Using iMap Jamaica

Through iMap Jamaica, users can locate a parcel of land on the map using the property address, valuation number or title reference. For the more advanced users, a parcel of land can also be located using geographic coordinates. If the user has none of the information above, the parcel information may still be obtained once the user has an idea of the physical property location. The interactive map will guide you to the property and related information. With the  information obtained by the user, additional information can be acquired on the NLA’s eLandJamaica website.

iMap Jamaica may also be used to obtain street information for directional purposes, as well as to identify points of interest such as schools, police stations, hospitals and fire stations.

Realtors, property valuators, attorneys, surveyors, property developers and others in the property/real estate industry should find iMap Jamaica particularly useful. It may be accessed immediately, here.

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