Humongous Residential Community Coming To Trelawny

Wed, Dec 22, 2010

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Zuccerhina Developments Jamaica Limited has reportedly partnered with Kencasa Construction & Project Management Limited for the development of a humongous housing complex in Trelawny. The developers have reportedly bought 192 acres of land, known as Holland Estates, near William Knibb High School and also located just minutes from the historic Falmouth Port. The property was previously owned by the Muschette family, and in earlier years was used as a papaya farm. It is accessible from the Falmouth-Martha Brae main road.

Work on the development commenced this month, and it is project that it will take six years to be completed over four phases. In terms of actual units, the developers reportedly plan to build 1,385 habitable units varying in size from duplex studios to two- and three-bedroom detached units. They hope to sell the residences primarily in the low- to middle-income real estate market, targeting hotel and other tourism-related workers, whose numbers are expected to swell given other existing and planned hotel developments in the region.

Low- to middle-income families will have the option of acquiring starter units, with space to expand incrementally, and the duplex-studio units will be priced to ensure affordability for single individuals accessing National Housing Trust (NHT) funds. The two- and three-bedroom units will be priced in accordance with the NHT’s pricing guidelines.

The developers have also reportedly been approached by one of Jamaica’s two major public universities to construct an actual campus, and one of the construction phases will apparently include 346 duplex studio units, 54 two-bedroom units and 46 three-bedroom units to be developed as part of a university town concept. Jamaican examples of this model include the Kingston communities of Mona Heights and Hope Pastures, where the value of the houses is retained primarily due to the perceived relationship between the two main universities and the housing developments.

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